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Well, as the MUCK's going down, there's not much to say. Been here for more than 4 years (Created: Wed Feb 13 21:13:10 2002) and, well, I'm going to miss you all. Best known characters are Meiling the nutty Eevee/Espeon (back when Eevee was a Common species) and Fireball (the black furred Ninetales on a permanent sugar high). Needless to say I love all you guys. If you want to contact me, I'm not planning on letting go of my personal journal anytime soon so you can always leave a comment if you like. In fact, I'd absolutely love it if you tried to keep in touch.

I also play at SouCon MUSH (an AU Pern MUSH) at 4201 as Audrey, so if you feel like dropping me a line, page me and tell me you're from Saga and we can chat! :D

Sad as this is, I'd like to thank Yuki for making Saga such an awesome place to be over the last 4 years. Saga brought a lot of growth, plenty of laughs, a little bit of sadness, and some of everything really. Here's hoping your life (and that of the other wizards) is awesome, and continues to be aswesome for a long time.

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