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Plotty thoughts!

No, this is not yet another silly game (but you know you like my games ;)). I like plots, but I'm not all that interested in running them. For me, planning them and participating is more interesting. Not only that, school and my habit of sleeping early means I'm usually not on long enough to get plot-type rps in when everyone else is on.

So. I had an idea today. Maybe make a subgroup of staffers that would help to run plots when players themselves either can't or aren't interested in running it. Truthfully, I am an idea person; I am more interested in throwing out a plot idea than managing the running of the plot.

Idea 2: We should have pokemon contests! Like in the anime, where pokemon are entered in the contest, and they 'perform' to try and win. Not really plotty, more like an event, but I just thought it would be cool.
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