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Giovanni's Meeting

You were probably wondering about it, so here's the log. Couple lines missing here or there, but nothing really important.

Giovanni has arrived.
Butch has arrived.
Somewhere on the muck, Zaknafein has connected.
Zaknafein has arrived.
Zaknafein has arrived via MEET.
[OOC] Zaknafein waves. :o
Fia has arrived.
Fia has arrived via MEET.
Catherine has arrived.
Catherine has arrived via MEET.
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "I didn't think I'd even be able to make it, so sorry if I'm a bit late. XD"
Fia has connected.
Fia has disconnected.
Temi has arrived.
Temi has arrived via MEET.
[OOC] Doozo says, "We haven't even started. Don't worry."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "We're only just getting started. Tanan is going to idle for a while as well."
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "I probably won't be able to be on for very long at all. D:"
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Alright, so, I asked everyone to come keeping in mind what they've been doing ICly. If anyone has actual ideas for the future of TR, possible TPs, anything like that, this is the time to get them into action ICly. Complaints for how Rocket works, people who want promotions, all of that good stuff!"
[OOC] Giovanni says, "I'll take it that those who are here were on time, and are thus sitting in their designated chairs, unless there's anything extra to be added."
[OOC] Butch needs to restart his window, BRB...
[OOC] Temi pokes Zak. "You might need to show me to him. I'm staying with you though."
Butch has disconnected.
Butch has connected.
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Oh, yeah. I was planning to give Temi to Cassidy and hope for a raise, but now you're here, so I should show her to you. And get belittled for bringing you a Furret. :D"
Jenga has arrived.
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[OOC] Zaknafein waves.
[OOC] Jenga waves.
Jessie has arrived.
[OOC] Temi will be the one apparently stealing office supplies, like paperclips.
[OOC] Zaknafein waves.
[OOC] Jessie didn't even get a invite. :(
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "And getting her soul crushed if she gets me in trouble. :D"
[OOC] Fia perches on Jessie's shoulder, and acks.
[OOC] Doozo keeps her shins out of the Mightyena's sight.
[OOC] Jenga don't worry. She'll be mainly OOC.
[OOC] Zaknafein hopes somebody logs this, he's bound to miss most of it.
The large black chair at the end of the table bobs back and forth silently. Unseen eyes scan the surface of the large whiteboard, covered with all sorts of meandering black and red lines and numbers. "Gentlemen, I am unhappy." The bobbing stops. "I am unhappy with where things have gone." The chair swivels about, bringing the leader to face with his subordinates. "Things have happened which were not intended." He succinct comments bear unpleasant tones. "You're all here because I want details. I want specifics." At this, he places both his large hands upon the desk, and lifts himself into a standing position, though he doesn't seem entirely comfortable with it, as if his leg were maimed in some way. "I'd very much like to hear your reports, now." He looks towards one specific rocket, situated closely, as if to begin.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "That was for you Zak, since you said you may need to leave shortly."
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[OOC] Zaknafein dies. He sounds like a mafioso.
Status] Temi has gone In Character.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "He's supposed to. ;)"
[OOC] Zaknafein :D
[OOC] Temi is in Zak's lap, for his posing information.
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Oh Zak is dead. D:"
[OOC] Doozo says, "Are we going with a pose order, or will Giovanni be commenting every other turn?"
[OOC] Giovanni says, "A pose order would probably be best. If I make any comments between, I'll keep them short and to the point."
[OOC] Doozo nods. Oh, this is bound to be chaotic.
[OOC] Giovanni grins.
[OOC] Fia is on Jessie's shoulder and will try not to pose as Temi accidentally.
Status] Status changed to Out Of Character.
[OOC] Jessie says, "make a pose order and i'll try to stick with it."
You page, "Yo!" to Jenga.
[OOC] Fia nods.
In a page-pose to you, Jenga ping..
[OOC] Tanan has returned. And is merely spectating. If he has anything to add, he'll say it OOCly.
[OOC] Fia says, "Also, why don't we give people an option to pass their poses?"
You page-pose, "Tanan pong..." to Jenga.
[OOC] Butch is having lightning in his area, may disappear periodicaly. :/
"I, umm..." Zak wipes a bead of sweat off of his forehead, and coughs when he realizes he's stuttering. He says, "Excuse me!" imediately after coughing, then looks around, petting the Furret on his lap. She barely fits, but he has to put her somewhere where the boss can see her, so he can be happy Zak did something right. "Well, sir.." Clearing his throat, the Rocket tries to get some thoughts out of his mind and nearly succeeds, so he decides to try to talk. "Sir, I haven't been given any direct orders, so I have been.. I have been improvising, I gu- if you will. I've only really done some small time robberies and pickpocketing and stu - and such, with my partner, Marron." After a bit of silence, he looks to his Furret and grins half-heartedly. "I.. Uhh, I do have something I was planning to give to you." Sweat sweat.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Giovanni Zaknafein Temi Jessie Jenga Fia Catherine Butch Tanan"
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Pass if you want, but please at least make your report. If all you're going to do is pass, please just leave. :) If some one says they're idle, skip them until they say they're not."
[OOC] Doozo peers. Where's she?
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Between Temi and Jessie."
[OOC] Doozo says, "Right."
[OOC] Tanan notes that you might not want an established pose order. If you need to focus on a specific member, you might wind up going back and forth for a bit.
[OOC] Tanan notes that he is not part of your pose order. He's a logger.
[OOC] Jessie says, "That is true. Gio should point out who he wants tp speak out in his poses."
[OOC] Giovanni nods. "Is it preferred that I sort of maintain/point out the pose order, then?"
[OOC] Tanan says, "Aye. You determine the pose order as we go along."
Temi blinks several times, turning to regard Giovanni for a moment before looking to Zak with what the kids call a WTF face nowadays. [Him? You're gonna give me to HIM?! But...but he's wearing ORANGE!] She curls up into a ball, chittering muffledly. [I'm not gonna be owned by no orange-wearer...]
[OOC] Jenga will be passing messages for certain people who aren't here as NPCs. Your legs are safe ;)
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Alright. Temi and Fia, you both pose after your owner poses, all the time. The rest I'll comment on."
[OOC] Temi got the suit color from google image search, so you know n.x
(@Desc) {LIST}: Failed list read.
[OOC] Tanan notes that Giovanni's desc is dead.
[OOC] Giovanni nods, and notes that as well. ;)
One hand clasped around a mug of coffee and the other burying its heel deep into her cheek, Doozo watches on with tired eyes and slumped shoulders. The Rockette appears to have dressed hastily, wearing a uniform two or three sizes too small (laundry day?) and missing her trademark bow. Beret so low that it might cause temporary blindness if it slips, the woman slowly lifts the cup to her lips and, hand shaking, takes a sip as she observes the exchange between her--THE Boss--and the stuttering silver-haired kid. "This is going to be fun," she mutters to the Cubone seated on the table beside her. Arrow blinks up at his trainer, shrugs, and dips a cracker in the coffee when it comes to rest at the table again. "...Don't do that."
[OOC] Doozo poses uselessly.~
You page, "Salt and coffee." to Doozo.
[OOC] Giovanni grins. There's always something to be said for setting the mood!
[OOC] Temi says, "Great personality mismatch. :D"
Doozo pages, "Num." to you.
Giovanni raises one hand to his mouth, mulling this over. "Bring it to me after the meeting is over." He pauses a moment. ".. and take whatever is making those noises down to the processing department." His casual disregard for the pokemon is quite obvious. "This is the sort of thing that disturbs me." He moves from his spot, with a slight noticeable limp, and continues, "That in my absence, things fail." Finding a spot behind Jessie, and places one hand on the back of her chair and looks down towards her, "But I'm sure someone has good news, do they not?"
[OOC] Fia is perched noticeably on Jessie's shoulder, for her pose.
[OOC] Tanan says, "Well, I just saved hundreds of dollars on car insurance by switching to Geico."
Doozo pages, "Damnit! XD" to you.
[OOC] Giovanni grins.
In a page-pose to you, Doozo was going to make that joke later in the RP. XDD.
Doozo pages, "You dork. XD" to you.
[OOC] Temi says, "Aren't you supposed to be shoveling something? o.o;"
[OOC] Jessie chuckles
[OOC] Butch says, "NB, but it would've been funnier here to say 'Treico.' ;)"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "The sad part is, we know he's getting paid to say this."
[OOC] Zaknafein ducks.
[OOC] Tanan XD
You page, "Great minds think alike." to Doozo.
Doozo pages, "I'll think of some different useless filler for Arrow. :P" to you.
[OOC] Fia says, "Don't stoop to car insurance advertisement, Tanan! There are better ways to get fed! ;-;"
[OOC] Giovanni says, "That was Jessie's cue to pose, if she missed it."
You page-pose, "Tanan ponders not cleaning this out of the log before posting it in the LJ community." to Doozo and Jenga.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "And my apologies if she's working on it. ;)"
[OOC] Jessie says, "I know. Is working on it."
[OOC] Fia says, "Like Lay's Potato Chips! Betcha can't eat just one. :D"
The time has come and where is Jessie; she's late. That sounds very much like her, be late and make an entrance; shes got the late part down now where is her entrance. Oh well might as well be late then to not show up at all. Opening the door, Ratatta on shoulder, she looks around the room and rushes to her chair before anyone notices her. Hearing Zak spill the beans on what his been doing. Not even getting comfortable she is approched by the /boss/. "I...uh. If this is about me being late...." Now shes in for it. Hesitating for a moment she tries to explain what she has been doing. "Well I." She looks to Fia for a moment as if looking for some words. "I hope that this doesn't get me...well you know, but I haven't been doing much of a job as of late. Do to the lack of my partner, James, I am been unble to successfully complete a task handed to me." she stops for a moment to take a breath, "Though I haven't been as worthless as I normaly have." Pointing to the Ratatta on her shoulder, "I have taken in this Rattata." she stops there as she loses her trane of thought.
[OOC] Jessie knows that like really sucks.
[OOC] Butch says, "How else are you supposed to play the char? X)"
[OOC] Jessie says, "suckier"
[OOC] Jenga says, "'Whooo! Look how great I am! I caught one of the most common pokemon in existence! Go me!'"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "'Whoo! Look how great I am! I eat people's rooms!'"
[OOC] Tanan says, "We've already hit page five of the log."
Giovanni looks up at the ceiling for a moment, "Another one." He sighs, "How nice. Take it to the processing department when we're done." He continues on his path around the table, now arriving at an empty chair. "Team Rocket has obviously lost it's place in some the hearts of some people." The strange irony in his serious tone does not betray the mood. Leaning over towards the desk, he presses a small button on a black box situated on the table and speaks, "We're missing a few today. Has Faust contacted us lately? What's the word?" The box releases a slight static noise as he releases the button, staring, waiting for a suitable response. "You see, " he looks around, "We seem to have a problem with execution."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "So, now that you're back, will you be participating?"
[OOC] Fia coughs. "I'm here too...I'll just work in my pose..."
Fia had nearly fallen off of Jessie's shoulder as she dashed in, hoisting herself up onto her shoulder again as she is mentioned. Up comes her snout...and then she slips before catching herself and scrambling up, successfully this time, and then her fur poofs out at Gio's instructions as the rat turns to her trainer with a terrified, expecting look.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Please do, sorry. :/"
[OOC] Giovanni is a little distracted as well.
[OOC] Fia says, "Who needs to remind who of the post order? ;P"
[OOC] Giovanni grins.
There's a short buzzing and a pause as the secretary sounds as if she's reading off a prewritten document. "Not recently, sir. The last I heard, Faust was off visiting some of his family."
Giovanni says, "Family." The look on his face doesn't seem to be the sympathetic sort. "Doozo, " he begins, once again taking up his circling of the large conference table, "What is it that you have for us?" His voice rings clear, echoing hope, if only a mechanism of extracting specific information. The suit, with it's now familiar light hooked step, passes just beyond her chair, and turns, settling hands in pocket, as her audience. "Please, tell us all."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Sorry if that's short, I'd like to keep this moving well along and not have you waiting all day for me."
Status] Jessie has gone Away From Keyboard.
[OOC] Temi says, "Brilliant, the one person between Fia and tha black market and she's AFK. @.@"
[OOC] Jenga thinks Doozo's last name should be Smoozo.
[OOC] Zaknafein nods.
[OOC] Temi thinks Jenga's last name should be Immature.
[OOC] Zaknafein thinks Temi's last name should be Shaddup.
[OOC] Temi no
[OOC] Giovanni thinks this isn't going anywhere useful.
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "XD"
[OOC] Temi says, "I know. :D"
Catherine doesn't want to be here. She hates staff meetings with ever fiber of her being. They're BORING, especially when she's having a bad day and there's somewhere else she wants to be. Bah. Hands in her lap, the young Elite fiddles with her fingers and endeavors to look like she's actually interested in the proceedings. She doesn't speak up, chosing not to say anything unless the Boss addresses her personally. Why bother saying anything if it'll only make the meeting drag on longer then it has to? Her Natu, meanwhile, seems to be enjoying the meeting a great deal more then his trainer is. He flutters his short little wings and paces back and forth on Catherine's shoulder, watching everything. ~[The processing department? You two are going to get turned into fertilizer.]~ He telepaths to both Temi and Fia.
Butch taps his fingertips together in sequence. Always fun to watch the lesser Rockets squirm. ]) Not that reporting to the boss isn't a treacherous business for him too, but he's learned a bit about how to stay on Giovanni's good side...and he generally has the sort of results their chief desires ready to lay on the table. Which, unfortunately for Zak and Jessie, doesn't include measly common pokemon. X)
[OOC] Doozo will just pose whenever? ;)
[OOC] Butch says, "Sounds good to me."
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Hay, Temi is EVOLVED. :O :O"
[OOC] Jenga bap Natu. You be nice...r than you usually are.
[OOC] Tanan says, "Sentrets evolve at level fifteen. :P"
"Sir." The rather immediate presence of her superior restrains her from jumping up and knocking things about in her haste to respond. Instead, she slides the seat back as calmly as possible and stands to face him, groping at the table desperately for something that is, evidently, not there. "I--oh, damn it. I must've dropped it on the way here." Arrow pipes up hopefully. [I know where you left your clipboard! If you'll play checkers with me later, I'll show you!] Doozo furrows her brow and glances back down at her pokemon before turning all her attention to The Boss. "Fine, from memory. I've mostly been keeping tabs on our financial situation, specifically when it comes to damages within the base. There have been a number of problem pokemon and persons," her eyes flick to Zaknafein briefly, "and we've yet to collect on it. I'm working on that right now. It's been remarkably slow, as you've said, and the interrogation chamber has been, ah, empty." The Rockette goes silent for a moment as she assumedly attempts to remember more of the clipboard's contents. "I've also been traveling around the Kanto region, collecting information from contacts." Doozo nods finally, bracing herself on the chair. "Permission to, ah, sit?"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Hey, Zak never did anything wrong. ]:o"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Just because you're jealous of his good looks - *BRICK*"
[OOC] Temi says, "And ZOMG, I corrected it! How'd I do that?!"
[OOC] Jenga says, "Zak burned his room down."
[OOC] Doozo says, "Zak might as well be Marron."
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "XD"
[OOC] Zaknafein didn't burn his room down, Buddy and Jenga did. ]:o
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "After Jenga and Marron destroyed it!"
Status] Jessie has gone In Character.
Zak is currently asleep.
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[OOC] Jenga says, "At least Marron's been bringing pokemon back. Like Trofenks."
You page, "Don't forget the plans to raid the haircare factory. Mention those!" to Zaknafein.
[OOC] Zaknafein brought Temi, she brought an NPC Trofenks. ]:o
In a page-pose to you, Zaknafein dies..
[OOC] Temi says, "...sounds like a DBZ character. :\"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "It's an inside joke."
[OOC] Jenga says, "Trofenks is a Mr. Mime. Mr.Mime ] Furret."
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "PCs ] NPCs"
[OOC] Jenga says, "And that whole Golden Monkey thing."
[OOC] Temi says, "What of it?"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "That's something Gio would be mad about, but Zak was there too.. XD"
[OOC] Jessie gives out a random pose cause she can.
Jessie eyes widened as she hears that she has to bring her newly acquired mon to the processing center. NeVeR. She'll never do that, sure Fia may look like a weak, pathetic, no good waste of fur, but shes got some moves....okay so she doesn't but give her time. If things don't work between them she'll feed Fia to Seviper and it'll be like it never happened. She thinks about her thoughts then what is would be like to actually send Fia to the market. Thinking once more, she better watch out, might hurt herself. She wounders if she shoud of brought up the fact that she has a Umbreon. Looking at herself she tussles her poke'balls, holding Mikea's in her hand, making it obviouse that didn't mention anything about him.
Giovanni would smile, but he doesn't. Well, no, really, he wouldn't smile. "At least it's a productive matter." He pulls a hand from one of his pockets to gesture with as he starts to speak, and, as if interrupting himself, says "Oh, er, yes. Be seated." Continuing, he adds, "He have problems at home." His eyes, as hers did, trace their way over to Zak for a moment. "And we have problems with the law." Here, he stresses the words more than usual. "The resolutions of which I both tend to expedite." Having now stopped between Catherine and Butch, he gives a look to the former, ".. and you?"
[OOC] Zaknafein dies.
[OOC] Jessie revives
[OOC] Zaknafein dies.
[OOC] Jessie revives
[OOC] Doozo slays.
Status] Status changed to Away From Keyboard.
[OOC] Tanan says, "Dinner for me, folks."
[OOC] Doozo says, "That was horrible timing."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Anyway, Catherine's pose."
[OOC] Temi says, "Way to defend me to the boss... ]__]"
[OOC] Fia says, "Er, wrong window."
[OOC] Jessie says, "didn't say anything."
[OOC] Fia says, "EXACTLY. x.x"
[OOC] Jessie says, "Those were mear thoughts. No one likes Jessie, why make things worse by saying words."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Hah! Fia's going to get mulched. :)"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Yeah, that's true. Nobody has enough love to give to anyone else than Zak."
[OOC] Fia must pose, please wait.
[OOC] Jessie is glad she didn't bring up her Umbreon, would hate to lose him.
By now, Jessie hasn't said much in Fia's defense. So she figure's now is a good time to HIDE. Her head swivels from side to side...hiding spot, hiding spot...DARN! No hiding spots. So, she lifts her paws above her head and sweeps them up and down, fluffing her fur, looking sadly at Giovanni and resorting to the last line of defense. Pity.
[OOC] Jessie says, "Or bring up that she has a Wobbuffet. She'd get laughed at."
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Wobbuffets are useful. XD"
[OOC] Temi says, "Yeah, like when you lose your Billy Blanks punching bag. :o"
[OOC] Jessie says, "Not supid ones"
[OOC] Jenga has just noticed Zak begins almost every rp by posing 'Lalala'.
[OOC] Zaknafein blinks. Since when?
[OOC] Jenga is reading old rp logs.
[OOC] Doozo grins.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Is Catherine posing?"
[OOC] Jessie says, "She did last time i check. Was a few poses back."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "I mean, in response to my question."
[OOC] Jessie says, "No idea"
[OOC] Jenga pokes everyone to see who is still there.
[OOC] Zaknafein is.
[OOC] Doozo is alive.
[OOC] Fia ow
[OOC] Jessie pokes back
[OOC] Butch pokes back.
[OOC] Doozo needs timestamps, badly.
"Sir," Catherine says, emerald eyes slipping towards the Boss as he turns his attention to her. Darn, she was hoping he'd just ignore her and she wouldn't have to say anything, but she came prepared anyway. "I have been busy acquiring something that may be of interest." She slips a few fingers into one of her pockets and plucks out a photograph, which she passes Giovanni's way. It's a photograph of an oil painting featuring a boy on a Rapidash - nothing really special, but the artist is well known and long dead, so the painting is worth a fair bit. Contrary to her words, however, she hasn't been 'busy' stealing it. She's had it stashed away for at least two years, along with other assorted valubles she can give to the Boss whenever she hasn't actually been doing any work. :x She hasn't been very productive lately. ~[That thing?]~ Yotogi telepaths to her. ~[I thought you sold that off ages ago.]~
Jenga has connected.
Butch has disconnected.
Giovanni's face lights up a bit. "This..", he says furrowing his brow, "I recall giving a very similar painting to a very good friend of mine." He laughs a small bit, ending it with a hacked cough, "Let us hope for both our sakes that he has since then decided to sell it to a less fortunate soul since then." Deciding not to move from here, he looks over towards his other hand, on the other chair, with the other body. "And Butch.. what have your crusaders rendered for you?"
Jenga has connected.
Jenga has disconnected.
Jenga booted of Jenga's old connections.
Jenga has disconnected.
[OOC] Jenga -.- My sister decided to randomly power cycle the modem.
[OOC] Jenga says, "Zak?"
[OOC] Giovanni frowns and must be offline for a while. "Butch, please pose for the log. Since we've covered everyone, that's good for me, but I'd like to continue. If you would all like to continue this RP, please discuss it as if I just left for a moment- office call or something.
[OOC] Giovanni will be back as soon as possible.
[OOC] Jenga alright.
Butch has connected.
[OOC] Butch says, "Sorry. Anything since Catherine's pose?"
[OOC] Jenga says, "Butch pose for the log and the pose you missed"
Fia spoofs: Giovanni's face lights up a bit. "This..", he says furrowing his brow, "I recall giving a very similar painting to a very good friend of mine." He laughs a small bit, ending it with a hacked cough, "Let us hope for both our sakes that he has since then decided to sell it to a less fortunate soul since then." Deciding not to move from here, he looks over towards his other hand, on the other chair, with the other body. "And Butch.. what have your crusaders rendered for you?" (re)
[OOC] Giovanni frowns and must be offline for a while. "Butch, please pose for the log. Since we've covered everyone, that's good for me, but I'd like to continue. If you would all like to continue this RP, please discuss it as if I just left for a moment- office call or something.
[OOC] Jenga will BBL
Jenga has disconnected.
Butch stands and comes to attention as he is called upon. "Sir. As my partner has been occupied with managerial duties during your absence, I have been working in our intelligence department. It seems Team Aqua has been making bids to establish a presence in Johto under the guise of an aquatic research institute. Cassidy and I managed to foil one of their major fundraising efforts and bring back the spoils, but I'm certain they have other resources. A report with the classified details will be on your desk shortly..." Butch pulls his trump card. " well as information on the possible location of a legendary pokemon." :o
Jessie has disconnected.
[OOC] Doozo says, "Are we waiting on Giovanni, Zak, or myself? (Which I nearly capitalized. Yes, I'm /that/ important.)"
[OOC] Butch says, "Well, Gio isn't really present, is he?"
[OOC] Tanan says, "We are important enough to use a royal 'we'. Beat that."
[OOC] Butch beats Tanan. In plural. ]D
[OOC] Tanan says, "We are hurting!"
[OOC] Doozo says, "I suppose he gave us permission to use that excuse ICly and continue RPing. And Zak appears to be idle. Hmmm."
[OOC] Doozo says, "I suppose no one minds if I do pose, eh?"
[OOC] Butch says, "Nah. Matter of fact, might as well drop the pose order at this point, I vote. e.e We haven't followed it too strictly anyhow."
Doozo sits back heavily, swallowing the relieved sigh she might have let escape and fiddling with her coffee mug once more. The cup is lifted to her lips--and with a gasp and a splutter, she partially ingests the boggy, crumby goo within. "Arrow!" The Cubone peers up at his trainer innocently, batting his eyes for good measure. [I think our room would look much nicer (and cooler) with an air hockey table! Ask for one.] Doozo wipes her mouth upon her uniform sleeve and gawks at her pokemon. "Runt. Not for all the coffee beans on the continent." [How about...the world?] "Assuming it was in your power to /do/ that, yes. As it is, no." The exchange is abandoned to give the remaining Rockets to report a hard stare. Butch earns special attention at his mention of a Legendary, but the Rockette's slumped posture is soon readopted.
[OOC] Doozo says, "Random comedy relief. There. Entirely pointless pose. :D"
[OOC] Tanan says, "Zaknafein still needs to report his plan."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Go for it. Will you be join us this time around?"
[OOC] Tanan is still logging. Getting his feel for stuff, you know?
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Plan?"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "We were - oh. That wasn't my plan, it was yours. XD"
[OOC] Giovanni isn't sure he knows, but sure.
[OOC] Tanan says, "So tell him about it!"
[OOC] Jenga will pop in if Marron does, she supposes.
[OOC] Fia says, "Zak. Save me from mulch."
[OOC] Zaknafein saves Fia from mulch.
[OOC] Marron isn't entirely sure if she can pop in without being beaten with sticks. :P
[OOC] Temi $#^%
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Just have a good reason. ;) I'd love for you to join."
[OOC] Temi says, "I mean save ME from mulch"
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Actually, if you can say you were running from the cops or something, that'd be great. Would give me a reason to bring up the matter."
[OOC] Jenga says, "Marron be late. Marron mention Trofenks, the golden monkey, and getting arrested."
[OOC] Marron says, "..Thanks. :D"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Marron doesn't run from the cops, though. She sits in her room and watches TV."
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "*BRICK*"
[OOC] Marron wonders when she can pose in, then.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Right after mine would be great?"
[OOC] Fia says, "And, lest we forget, Fia has fluffed up her fur and tried to cute Gio up to stay alive."
[OOC] Butch says, "Aaaaanytime."
[OOC] Marron nods at Gio. "Alright."
[OOC] Tanan mulches Fia. :D
[OOC] Fia [MISS]
[OOC] Fia hasta AFK, though.
Giovanni appears rather surprised, "Well, that is indeed good news." His head down, chest out, he makes his way back to his chair and sits down, leaving the quiet footsteps and leathery noise of the chair. Turning around in the chair, Giovanni says nothing until, at length, he stands up and grips one of the markers stuck to the large white board, and moves towards a large blank space. Without turning around to address his team, he begins, "I have plans which need to be discussed. As you all seem to be without else more important in accomplishing, you may at least be used in cultivating these ideas." He draws a large, black square on the board. "Pokemon trafficking is one thing. The grave situation the organization is in is an entirely different matter."
Status] Marron has gone In Character.
Status] Jenga has gone In Character.
Grave situations indeed. What's the price of running late for a mandatory meeting? Marron is about to find out! The Rocket rushes down the abandoned corridor outside, vaguely acknowledging anything else than Jenga catching up from behind. Her frantic actions stop once she reaches the door of the conference room. Slowly and discreetly, Marron inches it open, taking on a rigid, business-like posture as she does so. Not only it seems that it's going on, but /the Boss/ is standing in the middle of an important disscussion. Hoping for the best, the ever-so-tardy girl crosses the room to slip quietly in an unoccupied chair, preferably far away from the head of the table. .oO(Pleasedon'tkillme.)
[OOC] Zaknafein cackles. Zak is a good Rocket. Unlike some murderous women we know.
Several long moments later, Jenga trots in, looking extrememly pleased with herself. [That was fun!] she barks. [Can we play Hide the Shoes again?] The Mightyena, rather than follow Marron to her chair, plunks herself right in the doorway. If anyone else wants to come in, they'll need to take rather big steps.
Butch sits down and resumes finger-tapping, attention focused on Giovanni. If anyone but the boss had asked what he'd been up to, the legendary item would've been kept tightly under wraps...but it's not healthy to keep things from Giovanni. Besides, now that it's been formally announced like this, Butch is certain to gain at least partial credit for whatever conspires from the matter...and it isn't like there aren't foolhardy underlings always trying to snoop into his plans anyhow. ;) They may try a little harder once rumors start circulating, but Butch is confident that with a little extra care, he can bloody any noses that poke in where they don't belong. ])
[OOC] Jenga says, "Or if you don't want to play hide the shoes, we can play hide Marron's uniforms, Marron's pants, Marron's s shirts, Marron's books, and Marron's bedsheets."
[OOC] Doozo may have to run off, soon.
[OOC] Doozo will try to pose out.
[OOC] Zaknafein thinks a couple of those sound fun - *BRICKHOUSE*
Giovanni turns his head a bit, not quite enough to see, and not quite enough to be seen, in the direction of the sound of the chair being moved about and sat upon. "Glad you could join us." He draws a couple boxes here and there on top of the large square, "Doozo, consider you thoughts on the personal and the tactile department while Marron gives her report. Zaknafein and Catherine, keep in mind our interests in the structure of the justice system. We'll be discussing these later on. Butch, if you have anything planned after this meeting, now is the time to cancel it. You and I will be having a discussion in private after we're done."
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "D:"
[OOC] Giovanni nods.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Well, in that case, replace 'Doozo' with 'Butch' in my last pose."
[OOC] Doozo nods.
[OOC] Jenga imagines a large Mightyena running past Giovanni's office with Marron's uniform in shreds. :D
[OOC] Marron eeks. Her pose? ]_] [_[;;
[OOC] Jenga says, "Our pose order is kind of dead."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Yes, your pose."
[OOC] Marron apologizes.
[OOC] Jenga says, "Just pose whenever Giovanni addresses you :P"
[OOC] Marron speedtype
[OOC] Giovanni has just been directing the pose order, as it'd be rather crazy with so many people.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Some people have been tossing out comment/atmosphere poses in between."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "If there's anything you want to say, specifically, about a rise/promotion/howstuffworks, feel free to pipe up. Just keep it ICly tactful. ;)"
[OOC] Jenga says, "Bob: Umm. Yeah. You in the orange suit. Who ARE you?"
Butch nods. "As you say, sir." Not surprising that he wants details immediately. In the back of his mind, Butch wonders whether the boss will have any difficulty swallowing his story...he could hardly believe himself at the time how easy it was. e.e
[OOC] Giovanni grins. He's not wearing the orange suit today.
[OOC] Butch is reminded of the first time he played through Zelda 2, and ran into the guy who says 'I am Error.' XD
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "XD"
[OOC] Jenga says, "Marron should mention she caught a Mightyena. Who sometimes behaves. When she feels like it."
[OOC] Butch says, "When I get into Nintendo, I'm going to have to find out whether that was a funky translation or somebody making the game had a sense of humor. X)"
[OOC] Doozo says, "Errol?"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "If Marron mentions Jenga she runs the risk of losing her, because she's such a danger to anything good. *BRICK*"
[OOC] Butch says, "Yeah, could be something like that."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Well, at least a Mightyena is more impressive than a Ratata. ;)"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "She destroyed Zak's room, and attacks people at random. :D"
[OOC] Temi hasn't destroyed anything and is cute.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Processing Department. :D"
[OOC] Zaknafein d'aww.
[OOC] Marron hopes this isn't as long as she thinks it is. o_o
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Yeah, but that's mostly +ooc's, right?"
Marron looks somewhat embarrassed to be recognized so quickly, given the whole situation. Mightyena sitting in the door and barking loudly..? Not a good impression. After giving a quick, angry 'come here!' motion toward Jenga, she stands. "Ahem. Sir.." Marron bows her head a bit, then tilts it in place again before continuing. "I would initially like to state that the reason of my tardiness is credited to an.. escapade.. with the authorities. Nothing valuable was taken, unfortunately. As for other assignments, I have been recently directed to observe a wealthy family in Blackthorn. Rumors have it that they had a rather 'special' visitor there, and I was to report any.. unusual activity about the estate. Pokemon-wise, I have captured a Skarmory, Mightyena, and Swinub within the past few months. Situation-wise, I've been keeping tabs with another Rocket concerning a possible raid of a popular Kanto breeding center. And.." Well, that's it. Kinda. Marron remains on her feet, however.
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Zak caught that Skarmory more times than you! :D"
[OOC] Marron says, "At least she didn't run away yet. :P"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "..You're observing the Wellingtons?"
[OOC] Marron is.
[OOC] Tanan is observing the Galoshes.
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "She only didn't run away because she wants to be with you OOCly. X - bah, I have to go. :o"
[OOC] Zaknafein will be back in half an hour or more or so.
[OOC] Zaknafein waves.
[OOC] Marron waves.
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Byee."
Zaknafein has disconnected.
Jenga refuses to move from the door for several moments. Then she turns and walks to the OTHER side of the table. It's easy to see who's the boss here, isn't it?
[OOC] Marron facepalms.
Status] Butch has gone Be Right Back.
[OOC] Jenga says, "Marron is such a GOOD trainer. Isn't she?"
The elite nods absently at Giovanni as he continues, partially distracted by Marron's entrance combined with Arrow's continued rambling and whining. Doozo is suddenly startled out of her trance by a persistent beeping emitting from beneath her sleeve. Tugging it back, she stares at her watch a moment before leaping out of the chair. "Oh! Sir! If you'll excuse me, I have a very urgent appointment...." She squirms. "And, yes, more important than this meeting. Ah...." Producing a thin notepad and pen from her uniform's pocket, the Rockette thrusts it towards the nearest non-Zak entity. As soon as the tardy Marron finishes, the items are placed in her hands. "Record the rest of this meeting, word for word. Your head is mine if you don't." And with that, Doozo scoops up her Cubone and is out the door.
[OOC] Giovanni is running out of people to delegate! ;)
[OOC] Doozo will idle as long as she is able. ]:O
[OOC] Jenga says, "Doozo has a hair salon appointment."
[OOC] Doozo says, "Die."
[OOC] Jenga says, "Live."
[OOC] Doozo says, "Over my dead bo--wait."
[OOC] Jenga ...If you're living, then... o_o
[OOC] Doozo says, "Do not attempt logic. I'm too tired for it to make sense. Or me. Or...uh."
Giovanni says, "Thank you, Marron. Well done. Return when you are able, Doozo. ..and mind your tone." He draws two large circles off to the side of the main drawing, and labels them 'Marron'. "It is good to see we have incoming pokemon which might actually be of use." He returns to the large box, and labels two of the smaller boxes 'Police' and 'Personnel'. "Our current Head of Personnel is ... 'missing'." This he says without much concvern, "Their desk has been emptied. The structure of Team Rocket is going to be reworked." He circles the 'Personnel' box with a red marker. "This is where we start." A moment of pause follows. "I have my own ideas. Now I want yours." He offers to hook to anyone willing to bite."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "And when I say 'emptied' I say it forcefully. ;)"
[OOC] Doozo just ate an entire bag of marshmallows, too. Great.
[OOC] Tanan says, "We should hire ninjas!"
[OOC] Jenga ...]D
[OOC] Giovanni says, "I'm more of a Ruthless Thug guy myself."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Expect to see lots of snotty guys in dark suits, at least."
[OOC] Doozo says, "Snotty or snooty?"
[OOC] Marron says, "Ruthless ninja mafiaso!"
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Same term in my neck of the woods, Doozo."
[OOC] Doozo says, "Unfortunately, one definition of that word produces interesting mental images when my mind combines it with the other."
[OOC] Doozo rambles.
Giovanni has connected.
Giovanni booted of Giovanni's old connections.
Giovanni has disconnected.
[OOC] Marron says, "Welcome back? :o"
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Thanks!"
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Might be happening from time to time."
[OOC] Marron knows what ya mean. :P
Status] Butch has gone In Character.
Jenga eyes the boxes and markers curiously, and then wanders up towards the whiteboard. Uh-oh, it's embarrass Marron time! After several moments, Jenga takes a marker, slides the cap off with her mouth, picks up the marker in her teeth, and draws a wobbly arrow from Marron's name to the personnel box. Spunky puppy.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "The white board is about five feet off the ground."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "And that's going to be a very quick way to get yourself thrown out of the conference room. ;)"
[OOC] Marron says, "'My Mightyena is sending you subliminal message, sir. Yeah. Urh. Dontkillmeplz.' *ducks!* Now I shut up."
[OOC] Jenga says, "You ASKED for ideas. And it's all Marron's fault! O:)"
[OOC] Giovanni mmhmms.
[OOC] Marron ]__]
[OOC] Marron wonders if the pose is valid since you mentioned the fivefeet! thing. And if she should pose. Because she doesn't want to get yelled at. :P
[OOC] Tanan notes that at five feet off the ground, it's going to be uncofortable for you to use it.
[OOC] Jenga says, "Standing on my hind feet, I could probably reach the lower part. And I live with a pig detective. Not a stranger to uncomfortable."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Well, if a Mightyena is that tall, I suppose."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "But still, that's not going to have good repercussions. "
[OOC] Giovanni says, "And if five feet is to much, let's make it four then. Four feet would be comfortable."
[OOC] Giovanni usually draws from mid-torso or higher on whiteboards, so having it down to his knees/waist isn't necessary.
Butch taps his chin and gazes at the board, pondering. Personally, he's happy doing Elite-level assignments out on the field...being head of anything doesn't much appeal to him. Now Cassidy, on the other hand...well, it's hard to tell. She complained a lot about the mountains of paperwork she had to sift through while she was acting boss...but there was another side of it Cassidy was reluctant to give up. Power. Dear me how that girl loves power. ]) Perhaps being head of a lesser department would be a happy medium for her... "Pardon me, sir, have you considered Cassidy for that position? She has...a way with motivation." ]D
[OOC] Tanan has heard that Cassidy is gone.
[OOC] Butch says, "More or less, unfortunately. X) If I tried really hard, I might bug her into coming back every so often."
[OOC] Giovanni notes that the question wasn't for the HoP specifically, but is a way for us to assign people/structure a TP.
Giovanni has connected.
Giovanni booted of Giovanni's old connections.
Giovanni has disconnected.
[OOC] Giovanni thinks he's going to meet the police ICly, at some point, though hasn't contacted any of them about it.
[OOC] Tanan says, "Butch plays our only cop."
[OOC] Doozo says, "We have two other cops."
[OOC] Doozo says, "One of which is terminally idle."
[OOC] Doozo says, "...One of which?"
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Stanton, right?"
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Isn't he a cop?"
[OOC] Butch says, "Right."
Fia has disconnected.
[OOC] Doozo stares at her grammar. "I can't even tell if that's correct. Sugar buzz."
[OOC] Doozo says, "Tired sugar buzz. Arrgh."
[OOC] Doozo shuts up.
[OOC Spoof] Pose
[OOC] Temi says, "...the ninja turtles aren't even ninja at all. :E"
[OOC] Giovanni awaits other suggestions.
[OOC] Marron hrms. Uhh.
Giovanni glares at the Mightyena. "Marron." He says, revealing no less absolution than before, "If you cannot control this creature, it will ", quite firmly stated, " end up on a shelf somewhere." The implications of that, given the odd quasi-morbid decor in his office, are pointed.
[OOC] Jenga beams.
Marron seems thoroughly pleased with herself for not ticking the Boss off and receiving compliments on it, as well. Her mood sours a bit after Doozo's random leave and impossible instruction. At just the right moment, the Rocket's eyes travel up to meet what Jenga has done. Especially embarrassing is Giovanni's reprimand. e.e; "Jenga, behave or leave" she says sternly, pointing a pokeball at the silly wolf 'mon. Holding this posture for a few moments as she listens to Butch's, Marron then realizes that she has some things to talk about. "... Oh! Sir, I believe that Kanto's division is being quite inactive. As I mentioned earlier, I've been working over there a bit, and it's quite unnerving that there aren't as many to report for plans likened to those I mentioned earlier. I think we'd need more.. diversions for the police. General activity."
[OOC] Marron likes the words 'mentioned' and 'earlier' and general redundancy, apparently. :D
[OOC] Giovanni says, "This is free-form discussion, so, jump in ICly if you have a comment. Feel free to comment on other people's comments too. I don't want this to turn into just a RP between Marron, myself, and Jenga. :) If it gets to messy we'll go back to the way it was before."
[OOC] Marron apologizes for somewhat slow posing, too. ^^;
[OOC] Butch wonders if Catherine is still present.
[OOC] Marron also wonders.
Jenga looks extremely pleased with herself as she gets attention, and after hanging around a few moments, turns trots toward Marron. Finally. She wraps her body around Marron's chair and yawns. [Wake me up when it's over.] With that, she falls asleep.
[OOC] Jenga has to go.
[OOC] Marron waves. :(
[OOC] Doozo waves.
[OOC] Marron (Good thing for Marron. Gio was going to pwn them both. *BRICK*)
[OOC] Catherine is still here, she's just trying to cook dinner and keep her puppies from demolishing her house.
[OOC] Giovanni is still going to semi-pwn Marron for it, though. :)
[OOC] Jenga says, "At least Marron doesn't have a useless pokemon :D"
[OOC] Marron ahs at Catherine and.. ahhh!s at Gio. ]_]
Giovanni speaks, with a rather disgusted tone, "The general incompetency of the control people have over their pokemon these days is horrid." He considers this for a moment. "Being as you are not fit for office work, " he eyes Jenga, " You're our new regional director." He writes Marron's name in a box, and adds a star next to it. "Your ability to maintain an active presence shows at least some form of dedication, and your entrance exams should prove to show you capable of the position. Are there any problems with that?", he offers to the group, many who may now, or soon, be under Marron's authority.
[OOC] Doozo says, "Damnit, I wish I hadn't frightened me into posing out."
[OOC] Doozo 's character has so many problems with that.
Butch leans back in his chair and goes a little glassy-eyed, although he's still paying enough attention to keep out of trouble. He's not exactly a people person, so beyond suggesting the one person he knows well for a position that would suit her, he hasn't got much to suggest for all this organizational stuff. X)
Marron pages, "'I'm active. Oh yeah, Kanto is slacking.' 'CONGRATS YOU'RE THE REGIONAL DIRECTOR' '...:DDD'" to you.
[OOC] Giovanni grins. "Well, that should make it all the more interesting when it happens, no?" :)
Zaknafein has connected.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Welcome back, Zak."
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Thanks. :o"
[OOC] Tanan says, "Fezzik is now the Regional Director."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Do you need to be refreshed?"
[OOC] Tanan says, "Bow to her."
[OOC] Doozo imagines the power struggle that may ensue. "Yay, uh, more conflict. :P"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "?"
[OOC] Doozo says, "Marron may get promoted."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Ooh, just wait Doozo. Maybe I'll make you her secretary. :)"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Funky."
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "What'd Marron do? I mean, else than show up late and destroy her partner's room. *BRICK*"
[OOC] Giovanni says, "That should be 'RD of Kanto' by the way."
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Man, poor Zak. He'd pipe up about this, but Marron would end up killing him. XD"
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Then maybe you should pose something like that? ;)"
[OOC] Doozo says, "Secretary? Doozo is secretary to no one! Unless she wants to do something that gets someone in trouble!"
[OOC] Doozo says, "In which case she'll gladly get as close to them as possible. *BRICK*"
[OOC] Giovanni doesn't plan on making Doozo a secretary, really. But it's an amusing thought.
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Zak should tell Marron off for being mean! :D"
[OOC] Marron assumes Zak's still sitting about. :P
[OOC] Doozo is just overreacting for comedic value.
[OOC] Zaknafein does, too. XD
[OOC] Doozo says, "TIME TO RUN"
[OOC] Doozo dashes off.
[OOC] Temi is worried.
[OOC] Temi is worried that his brother may be committing a crime.
Catherine blink-blinks and looks towards Marron. The Boss is going to give her more power? Why? She can't even control her own pokemon! Team Rocket is going to die. :\ The Elite curls her hands in her lap and frowns lightly, but she doesn't protest. She'll just stay away from Kanto. She likes Johto better, anyway. "What about Johto?" She asks, looking over the others in the room before her gaze finally settles on Giovanni.
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "o_O"
[OOC] Temi says, "Using my forehead leavings as evidence to frame me. Idunno o.o"
[OOC] Doozo considers saying something stupid. "Nah, I've already dug a deep enough hole for myself tonight. See you all later."
Doozo goes home.
Doozo has left.
[OOC] Giovanni eyes Temi.
Somewhere on the muck, Doozo has disconnected.
[OOC] Zaknafein starts to pose. :O
[OOC] Temi says, "Also, he just called, Wal-Mart music played, and he hung up. o__O"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Wth."
"My apologies once more, sir," Marron says, glancing briefly down at the sleeping, furry menace. She nods a little, listening to Giovanni.. and nearly gags on nothing. This possible promotion elates her greatly, but she contains it in a veil of (smug) posture. "Thank you, sir. I will pass the examination with flying colors and not let you down, sir." She gives her partner a raised eyebrow of triumph then idly looks Butch and Catherine over. Hmph. Elite Rockets. "Also, I'd like to elaborate on the sighting around the Wellington estate -- but I'm sort of sure that you already know about it, sir," she adds quickly, scratching her head.
[OOC] Marron well
[OOC] Marron should have waited for Zak to pose, actually. ]_];
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Who are the Wellingtons?"
[OOC] Giovanni says, "I've heard of them twice now at least."
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "They're a rich family in Blackthorn, a PC family. o:"
[OOC] Marron says, "Some other PC characters. Elizabeth and Ethan are supposed to be the children of a really rich family, yes. :P"
Butch returns Marron's look with an expression of smug pity. Don't change the subject when the boss is working on stuff, kid. Or this better be reeeeeally important.
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "what's Temi been doing?"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Just sorta lying in Zak's lap idly? XD"
Zaknafein has basically been sitting around taking in the conversation, because he's got nothing to say and doesn't want to make a fool of himself in front of his boss, who doesn't seem to be mad at him yet. :D But when Giovanni offers his evil partner a promotion he can't keep himself from actually saying something. "What?" Yes, he asks a very good and valid question, using the most complex sentence he can think of. "Why does.. What did she do right?" When he asks this he looks down to the Furret in his lap, hoping to high heaven that she doesn't pipe up. Zak doesn't really know her and wants to get rid of her for sake of a raise, but he still hopes she doesn't embarass him.
[OOC] Temi says, "Zak, remind me to find this film me and Jay made. "Invisible Hungry Aztecs in the Fridge". For liekwoah."
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "o_O"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "XD"
[OOC] Marron stares.
[OOC] Temi says, "What suit is Gio wearing? "
[OOC] Temi needs to see the suit.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "It's dark with pinstripes, nothing special."
[OOC] Temi nods.
Giovanni has connected.
Giovanni booted of Giovanni's old connections.
Giovanni has disconnected.
[OOC] Zaknafein WB.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Anyways, the suit is just a dark gray color with pinstripes."
[OOC] Temi says, "This is a bit of a reach, mind you, but anyone who doesn't know Gio and has no manners might do this..."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Alright. Just respect the fact that Gio's going to react like Gio does. And that may involve a woodchipper. :)"
[OOC] Temi says, "OOC consent ]_] [_["
Temi takes this moment to yawn, stretch, stand up on hindpaws and look out to see... [OHLORD -FACE-.] And she hops up onto the table, craning her neck forward to look at Giovanni's face with great interest as though it were some kind of rare bird.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Oh, well, that's not bad at all."
[OOC] Temi says, "Aye, if he can't understand pokespeak. n.x"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Yeah, she's just.. Uhh.. curious. And she.. She thinks for herself and.. And Zak deserves a promotion for this."
[OOC] Butch promotes Zak's rear to the lower-back position. X)
[OOC] Temi says, "Even though it was JESSIE who caught a mon that planned a raid of Safari Zone ALL BY HERSELF but ya Temi's good too."
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Yeah, but Jessie isn't as cool as Zak."
[OOC] Tanan knows what'll get Zak a promotion! The plan!
[OOC] Temi says, "Yeah but YOU KILLED AERITH"
Giovanni turns around at the sound of the question.. ..and is met with a very odd little fellow indeed. He eyes the rodent a little, not quite sure what to think. Ignoring it for not, but still wary, knowing that when you live in a zoo, critters will do what critters will do. "Well, " he begins, holding his hands in each other behind his back, " It begins somewhere other than a Ratata." He lets that image hang for just a bit, and continues, "While this.. 'latest' incident, " again, unpleased, now splitting his focus between Jenga /and/ Temi, before turning back towards the Rocket, " is not very amusing, and her punctuality still has something to be desired, her field logs and exams have been quite satisfactory for this purpose. Should there be something I've overlooked? Have I made an improper decision, Zaknafein?" He leans back on his hands, braced on the retainer of the whiteboard, "Or maybe it should be you, instead?" He stares at Temi, while posing this last question.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "For now."
[OOC] Temi is a Furret. Not a Rattata ]_] [_[
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Ooh, sorry. :)"
[OOC] Giovanni scribbles out, and fills in with 'Furret'.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "And I beseech anyone logging this to do the same, for me. ;)"
[OOC] Giovanni isn't always very good at keeping people/mon straight.
[OOC] Giovanni says, "The OOC chatter should be removed from any proper logs."
[OOC] Temi says, "That's good, you can just make Gio senile like that. :D"
[OOC] Temi prefers to have two logs. Unfiltered (with OOC) and clean (without).
[OOC] Giovanni grins. "Besides, anyone sufficiently intelligent would be able to deduced that matter."
[OOC] Giovanni nods, and obviously can't force anyone to do anything. :)
[OOC] Temi says, "Zak, if you wanna save my butt, it'd be worth noting that you found me in a breadbasket. I was ensnared. Not that you'll get a bonus for me that way. ]_];"
[OOC] Zaknafein was thinking of pointing out that you seem to have a knack of getting into places you shouldn't get into. ]_]
[OOC] Temi high-fives? :D
Marron makes sure not to glare too openly at Butch. She is content to be ignored for now, since what she said seemed to randomly slip anyway. No more ideas are posed in her head; the Rocket leans back somewhat, eyes twinkling at Zak and Temi while she waits for anything else. "Have anything to suggest, pretty boy?" she mouths idly.
[OOC] Butch has nothing to add.
[OOC] Temi says, "Wow...he could think you're saying something COMPLETELY different y'know :D"
[OOC] Marron yawns a little. "Mmm. Nearing bedtime, I think."
"Oh what're y-" After the Furret gets onto the table and starts to stare at Giovanni, Zak takes a few deep breaths. This isn't that bad, and it wouldn't be good to start getting irrationally angry in front of your big bad boss of doom. "Furret, could you, err, get down from there? We're having a big important ta -" Zak immediately stops talking when Gio starts, for obvious fearful reasons. "No, n-no sir! I'm not questioning your judgement, you're a much smarter man than I am. It's just... Well," he looks over to Marron and cringes, not because of what she just said (he's just ignoring that for the sake of his pride) then looks back to his boss, "I know Marron has done some good for our - for your organization, sir, but it's not all been good. I.. I found her in my quarters a while ago, destroying the room with her Mightyena. She's also had a few violent outbreaks-" Pause. Grimace. He shakes his head a few times, then continues. "- that you might want to keep in mind. But, of course, you're the b-oss, sir. What you say is.. What you say is what's right for Team R-Rocket." After this, he slumps back into his chair and takes a few deep breaths.
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "Zak is gonna get it. D:"
Butch glances at Marron. So /she's/ the one who was causing all that noise while he was researching--er, but that's need-to-know. ;) Well, whatever. If she's transferred to Kanto, they won't need to deal with her anymore. ;9 What's Zak got to complain about...unless he's worried he'll be shipped off with her? ]D
Temi just looks at Zak for a moment, then at the smug Marron, before wrinkling her nose. [ you're gonna give HER a promotion cause she has the skill to write down what she sees? Even though she's damaged the base AND got in jail? It's dumb luck!]
[OOC] Temi says, "Er, wait..."
[OOC] Temi says, "*damaged = caused collateral damage to"
[OOC] Giovanni sorries and was a bit idle.
[OOC] Marron gahs.
[OOC] Marron says, "Looks like it's time for me to go. :P"
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "D:"
[OOC] Tanan WAH!
[OOC] Zaknafein says, "XD"
[OOC] Marron says, "...?"
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Should we end this here?"
[OOC] Marron would think so.
[OOC] Giovanni will still be loafing around, just not really RPing.
[OOC] Marron says, "Alright."
[OOC] Giovanni says, "Hah! Temi's big moment and we all want to leave. ;)"
[OOC] Temi says, "Right after I mention Marron's imprisonment. u.u"
[OOC] Tanan knocks Temi into a conveniently placed mulcher.
[OOC] Temi [MISS]
[OOC] Marron hehs. She really does have dumb luck. :D
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