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A PokeSaga Thanksgiving game!

Yes, it's time for another silly game. Pick one or more of your characters, and list what they are thankful for. And this isn't exactly part of the game, but I'm thankful that I know so many great people on the MUCK n.n Now... onto the game!

Meiling is thankful for: the invention of cornbread, her adopted family of Eevees and 'eons, her pal Vega, her psychic powers, and of course, for being alive and healthy n.n

Fireball is thankful for: her big huge family, which includes her immediate family, Redrum's family, and her trainer's family, and her trainer's other pokemon which also count as family.

Iceberg is thankful for: fish. And seafood. And that's about it because she's not all that good at thinking in the first place.

Your turn!
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