scraadin (scraadin) wrote in psm,

Heya! I joined too!

Scraadin here, though on Saga you probably know me better as Deru, the bowled Charmander, permanently in a state of war with the Caterpies in a "convoluted" revenge plot. Or not.

I actually do run some sane characters, and if anyone's interested, we've actually got a mini-TP running down in Alkhaba that branched off of the Celebi-TP that we had going. It started with Seamus (one of my PD characters) and Shemri, and Seamus being chased out of Oni Village by a mob for stealing a compass that a trainer from PD had traded. What's happening is that this trainer, currently an NPC, is trading potentially history and world altering PD tools and needs to be found and stopped.

In Alkhaba the Pokemon are worshipped as gods. What would happen if someone could trap one in a Pokeball?
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